Bad Boy Lawn Mowers

Bad Boy Mowers Zero-Turn products offer our residential and commercial customers high-grade mowers at a value price.  Bad Boy offers the 5-stage Advantage from the Grass Up:  Framed Stronger, Easier Access, More Power, Longer Life, and More Comfort.  If you have any questions or are looking for a particular Bad Boy model give us a call or fill out our contact form.

Bad Boy Lawn Mower Models


 MZ - Residential Use, 540-725cc, 42" Decks. 

MZ Magnum - Residential Use, 725-726cc, 48", 54" Decks

ZT Elite - Residential Use, 725-747cc, 48", 54", 60" Decks

Maverick - Commercial Use, 726-747cc, 48", 54", 60" Decks - Starting at $5,899

Outlaw XP - Commercial Use, 824-993cc, 54", 61", 72" Decks 

Outlaw Extreme - Commercial Use, 824-993cc, 54", 61", 72" Decks 

Outlaw - Commercial Use, 726-810cc, 54", 61" Decks 

Compact Outlaw - Commercial Use, 726-810cc, 42", 48" Decks 

 Full Size Diesel -  Commercial Use, 1500cc, 61", 72" Decks

Compact Diesel - Commercial Use, 1100cc, 61" Deck

Outlaw Stand-On - Commercial Use, 726cc, 36", 48", 61" Deck

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