Kinze Manufacturing - Moving Forward

KINZE continues to focus on the needs of row crop producers by meeting the challenges of today’s changing cropping practices. Kinze offers efficient wagons to assist harvesters, variable planting rate planters and GPS/site-specific farming initiatives. Jon Kinzenbaw’s philosophy — providing maximum value through quality, reliability and leading-edge product development — continues to drive every decision at the company. Current trends in all types of conservation tillage and planting continue to broaden in scope. As the specialist in planters and wagons, KINZE maintains a flexibility in design and manufacturing that enables it to respond quickly to new equipment applications and requirements as current practices or methods evolve.

Kinze Products We Carry

Row Crop Planters - The famous innovative planter. Choose from 4-36 rows with options of front fold, mounted, pivot fold, rigid frame, and wing fold. Bulk fill or box fill with power options like mechanical, pto pump, and electric drive.

Dual Auger Carts - 1100-1500bu capacity with the ability to unload at 750bu per minute.

Single Auger Carts - 850-1050bu capacity with the ability to unload at 475bu per minute.

Retrofit Kits for Row Crop Planters - Retrofit kits to update your planter. 

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