Precision Planting

Precision Planting,  the household name for planter accessories, monitors, and control systems, is now available through Apple Farm Service.

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Our trained Precision Farming specialists have been thoroughly educated to install and calibrate any Precision Planting piece of equipment. Rely on our team to recommend what's best for your unique planting situation.

Precision Planting Products Apple Farm Service Carries:

20/20 SeedSense- Monitor your planting for maximum yield 

20/20 Seed Sense 

AirForce- Manage your downforce for equal depths

Air Force

DeltaForce- Be in control of your down & lift hydraulics


vDrive- Individual electronic motor for complete custom planting


SpeedTube- When you want to plant 2x faster

speed tube

Precision Meter- Stops skips and doubles

Precision Meter

vSet Select- Plant two different hybrids in the same row for max yield


vSet- When you want the BEST singulation available


eSet- Easy planting every time


CleanSweep- Perfect pressure to move the residue, not the dirt.


Keeton- The finishing touch for optimum seed to soil contact.



WaveVision- Count the seeds, not the dust


BullsEye- Stop bad seed spacing be eliminating seed-to-tube contact


vDrive Insecticide- Level insecticide control at any speed with electronic motors

vdrive insecticide

RowFlow- Easy beginning option for variable rate prescription planting


YieldSence- Better measurements for closer yield monitoring

yield sense

VApplyHD - Know and control how much fertilizer you apply


SmartFirmer - Monitor and record organic matter, moisture, residue, and temperature of your soil in real-time


mSet - Switches between different hybrids while going down a row to maximize the right hybrid for the soil type in real-time


SeederForce - Automatically adds or removes downforce to individual sections of your seeders


FurrowJet - Places three lines of pop-up fertilizer, middle and two wings, for more efficient use of your fertilizer.

Summer Rebates!

DeltaForcevDrivespeed tube

DeltaForce, vDrive, & SpeedTube

It's never too early to begin thinking of next year's planting strategy. Why not increase yield and decrease mechanical breakdowns for 2018?

Now through September 25th, 2018, you can upgrade your planter to a Precision Planting accurate machine with these HUGE rebates!

$200 per row when you purchase all three

$150 per row when you purchase two of the three

$50 per row when you purchase just one of the three

Upgrade & Save SeedSense Displays!

Now through July 31st, 2018.

Gen III SeedSense 2020Gen III Display

Trade in your old SeedSense 2020 Display for a new Gen III SeedSense to receive major discounts!

Did you purchase a Gen II display anytime after 6/1/2017? Then get a FULL credit of what you paid toward the cost of a new Gen III 2020 Display!

Did you purchase your Gen II display anytime between 6/1/2015 & 5/31/17? Then get $1,000 towards the purchase of the new Gen III 2020 Display!

 Gen II Display

What's new in the Gen III 2020 Display?

-Faster processors for quicker updates and data

-Larger screen that enables the user to view more important fields at a time

-Easier to use touchscreen

-More customizable fields & field analytics.